Special Offers

Accommodation and Airport Transfers

We have deal with some nearby hotels. Based on your request, we can make reservation for your accommodation.

VIP Service (3 Days)

Transformation Packages, Whole Smile Rehabilitation, Accommodation, Spa, Transfers and one Istanbul tour.

Fee Guide

Treatments Price
Dental Examination Free
Panaromic Dental X-Ray Free
Computed Tomography 50 Euro
Laser Teeth Whitening (15 Min) 150 Euro
Composite Filling 50 Euro
Deep Cleaning, Scaling & Root Planning (Pr. quadrant) 50 Euro
Inlay/Onlay 120 Euro
Regular Teeth Cleaning 40 Euro
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown 160 Euro
Porcelain Veneer (E-Max) 260 Euro
Ultra-Thin Non-prep Veneers 500 Euro
Zirconium Crown 200 Euro
Implant (BEGO) 400 Euro
Implant (Straumann) 760 Euro
Abutment 100 Euro
Root Canal (Molar) 120 Euro
Root Canal (Premolar and Fronts) 100 Euro
Complicated Tooth Extraction 65 Euro
Impacted Dental Operation 160 Euro
Fenectomy Operation 160 Euro
Gingivoblasty (Half Jaw) 100 Euro
Crown Length Extension (Single Tooth) 40 Euro
Orthodontics Treatments Starts From 1540 Euro
Invisalign 3000 Euro